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So you came here to learn how to hypnotize someone. We are able and willing to teach you that. Before starting, do this: what many NLP and hypnosis books teach very first is that you need to write down your aims for learning hypnosis! Why do you want to learn it? You may want to check the right side of this page and see what others say regarding this question.

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The thing is that there are a few very simple steps available on the internet to hypnotize anyone. Any person could follow these steps, however simply following this steps will not get someone hypnotized. I will try to not make it sound New Age, but at the same time make my point: it is the energy and inner reality that you radiate that will get your subject into a trance state and hypnotized. Writing down your aims is absolutely crucial for this. It is aligning within yourself and accepting hypnosis as part of your reality that you are able to control the minds of others. Again this is easier said than done. The good news is that almost anyone is capable to do this with will power and persistence. Clinical research has proven that a person can only be hypnotized when their brain produces Alpha Waves, that is they are in the alpha state. To get the subject into an alpha state you have to be able to control your own brain waves too! The Underground Hypnosis method teches this very well.

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People often want to control others but don't think in terms of hypnosis.

The Basic Conditions and Steps that You Need to Follow and the Signs that You Need to Look Out for in Learning How to Hypnotize Someone Hypnosis can be a rewarding but tricky procedure that can test the nerves and abilities of those who would like to pursue it.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not reduce its targets to mere puppets who only stare blankly back at you and are made wilful subjects to any suggestion that you may have in mind for them; instead, it is a state that you induce into the subject individual through a series of carefully-selected instructions; most of the time the subject is somewhat aware of what is happening around him. The method is often used as a form of therapeutic and psychological therapy that helps resolve any issues that the test subject may carry with him. There are some preliminary conditions that you should consider before you set out to learn how to hypnotize someone. First, hypnosis is never meant to be used as a tool to induce people into doing things that might harm them in any way. Asking the subject to do an action that he cannot do in ordinary circumstances will only prove to be dangerous to him; professional hypnotherapists and enthusiasts never set out to inflict injury to their test subjects. Hypnosis is a normal state that can be introduced to unsuspecting people without them feeling out of the ordinary; however, there are those who say that they feel rather out of place when they are put in a hypnotic trance. Lastly, individuals who feel doubtful or fearful about being hypnotized have a harder time being subjected into this state; thus, it is important that you calm them and reassure them first that hypnosis is generally harmless. Now we can proceed to the basic steps on how you can hypnotize someone. They are listed below: 1) Put the subject at ease by letting him sit or lie in a relaxed position. 2) Speak to him in a slow manner and in a comforting voice. 3) Say this exact line to him or any version that you may think of: "Take a deep breath. As you let it all out, close both your eyes and let yourself relax more and more." (You can leave the latter part if you see that your subject has already closed his eyes.) 4) Suggest to your subject that he place his awareness upon different areas of his body while he relaxes them at the same time. To do this, you may employ these phrases or their equivalent: "Now you will become aware of both your arms...Now go ahead and relax them...let them become more at ease and be more comfortable...allow your muscles to loosen up and go limp as they get more heavy and relaxed." Repeat these instruction for other areas of the target individual's body, including the legs spine and muscles on the face (important). 5) Intersperse your dialogue with good amounts of positive reinforcement like "Good," "That's it," "That's right," and "You're doing just fine." 6) Some people may not be easily induced into a hypnotic state, so you will have to go through the previous steps again until you finally have them hypnotized. Repeating the steps for a period of 10 to 15 minutes should be enough for them. 7) When you think it is the right time to do so, you say to your subject this line or anything similar: "I am going to count down to five. By the time or before I get to five, both of your eyes will open up and you will feel fresh and full of energy, feeling better than before." Count slowly with the tone of your voice assuming a louder and less soothing manner. By the time you reach four, if your subject has not opened his eyes yet, say to him, "On the following number, your eyes will have both opened and you will feel relaxed and renewed. Five, open your eyes, be relaxed and renewed." During the induced or trance state, you should look for these tell-tale signs: An overall relaxing and loosening of your subject's body muscles; a general feeling of coolness, warmth, or tingly sensations; uncontrollable fluttering of the test subject's eyelids; thorough relaxation or "flattening" of the subject's facial musculature; the subject assuming a subtle waxy skin tone; heightened wetness or reddening of the person's eyes when he finally gets to open them; imperceptible twitching of the subject's legs, finger, or arms; marked effort on his part to swallow; and variation in the test subject's rate and depth of breathing.

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We aim to provide a clear understanding of what hypnosis is and how it can be learnt. The question is often "how to hypnotize someone", but the truth is that every person and every situation is different and true curiousity is therefore the key to success.

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